An image of black cabinetry under cabinet lighting and a sink in a marble countertop underneath the cabinets.

Why is Under Cabinet Lighting Installation a Good Choice?

It’s the middle of the night when you wake up and decide to head into the kitchen for a glass of water. Though you’re very familiar with the layout of your home during the day, it feels like a different place at night. You bump into your kitchen island, hit your hip bone, and now have to limp your way to the fridge in the dark. Instead of feeling this frustration and pain, why not consider under-cabinet lighting installation to light the way?

When you want to improve the look of your home cost-effectively, or you need more lighting in your house for those late-night adventures into the dark kitchen, under-cabinet lighting is the perfect way to achieve both! And working with the experts at RS Martin can help you safely get the lighting you want. You deserve to work with knowledgeable electricians on all your home electrical projects, under cabinet lighting installation included, and we can help!

Why Would You Want to Install Lighting Under Your Cabinets?

You may want to install lighting under your cabinets for several reasons, but many people find these three benefits the most appealing when it comes to lighting under the cabinets.

1. Light Where You Need It

While working on your counter, you might be blocking the only light source in the room with your body. Adding under-cabinet lighting allows you to shine light in the areas you need most, improving visibility. This extra light benefits food prepping, where you might need greater visibility to prevent accidents and clearly see what you’re doing.

Additionally, under-cabinet lighting installation can be a great way to highlight a new backsplash or countertops. You don’t want those unique elements in your kitchen hidden in the shadows! They deserve a highlight when you have visitors or you’re working in your kitchen.

2. Mood Lighting

Are you someone who appreciates a good dinner party in your own home? Hosting dinner parties is much more enjoyable when you have mood lighting. Lighting from under the cabinets can be a nice touch to tone down the room’s mood and make the space appear more elegant. As a bonus, it will surely impress your guests!

3. Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

When you have a light source in a designated area, you can turn that section on, immediately eliminating the need for another lighting in the room. This process can help you cut down on your electrical bills. If you currently need several lights to brighten up an entire space, under-cabinet lighting allows you to have a single light source exactly where you need it. When energy efficiency is a concern, consider lights on the underside of the cabinets in your home.

What’s the Best Under Cabinet Lighting Installation for Your Kitchen?

Typically, you will find two different under-cabinet lighting installation options for your space.

Traditional Hardwired Fixtures

Traditional hardwired fixtures are and excellent choice for under-cabinet lighting installation. They are permanent and, when installed correctly, can add beautiful light to the spaces underneath your cabinets for years to come. They also add more value to your home, adding more aesthetic appeal and making the home seem more sophisticated.

When considering wiring under cabinet lights, it’s essential to consult with a licensed, experienced electrician to ensure the fixtures are safely installed. Electrical fires are a considerable risk when wiring is installed incorrectly, and you wouldn’t want to endanger your home for some lighting. Never try to install hardwired fixtures yourself.

LED Lights

LED lighting options are more popular daily as they are highly versatile and offer many different placement options and colors. LED lighting is safe on the underside of cabinets, inside of cabinets, and even on the sides of cabinets. They only produce a fraction of the heat associated with traditional lightbulbs, making them an excellent option for use in the kitchen and children’s rooms where a child might curiously touch a light fixture.

While some websites might imply that installing LED lighting is somehow different from installing traditional hardwired fixtures, this is not the case. Leave the under-cabinet lighting installations, whether traditional fixtures or LED lighting, to the professionals. Reach out to our electricians today to make all your under-cabinet LED lighting dreams come true.  

Why Do You Need Professional Under Cabinet Lighting Installation?

A professional must do anything that has to do with electrical work to be completed safely. No matter how handy you are with tools or DIY projects, an electrician should be the person that takes care of your under-cabinet lighting installation. Electricity is a powerful part of our everyday lives that many people take advantage of and forget how powerful it is.

Electrical fires are a severe issue, and performing electrical repairs or rewiring without the proper training puts you at risk. Always invest in professional electrical installations for all your projects involving wiring.

Under Cabinet Lighting isn’t Just for Kitchens!

Do you love the idea of all the added benefits you get with under-cabinet lighting installation in your kitchen? With cabinets, you can also apply all the above benefits to bathrooms, bedrooms, or any other room in your home. These lights are great for at-home office spaces or even children’s playrooms where toy kitchens or shelves of books sit underneath cabinetry. You can get really creative with this type of lighting in your home!

Don’t Install Lighting Yourself- Trust the Professionals

When you’re ready to upgrade your space with an under-cabinet lighting installation project, don’t attempt it by yourself. Let the experts at RS Martin help you with the hardwiring and get your cabinet lighting glowing as soon as possible! We can help you with any electrical installation project you might need, from under cabinet lighting and electric vehicle charging stations, to solar panel circuits and rewiring an older home. Get in touch with us today to get started.