A picture of recessed lighting installed into a ceiling with wooden banisters running across, in between the lights.

How Can I Help Prepare My Home for Recessed Lighting Installation?

Your home is probably the place you spend the most time, and you should get to enjoy every room equally. However, there is probably one space you wish was a little brighter. Maybe it doesn’t have many windows, or perhaps your home is an older structure, and there are few light fixtures throughout the house. When you want to brighten up any room for any reason, recessed lighting is a perfect choice . You can modernize and bring light to any space with recessed lighting installation!

This minimalistic approach to lighting offers excellent illumination without the visual clutter of hanging or standing light fixtures. When you’re ready to add this feature to your house, you should do a few things before you call one of our electricians at RS Martin to handle the installation.

What Do I Need to Do to Prepare My Home for Recessed Lighting Installation?

Of course, there are everyday courtesy things, like cleaning out the space where you want to have the recessed lighting installed, that you should do before installation. However, there are also some more practical things you can do before one of our electricians comes to install your lighting for you. These steps will prepare you much more for the recessed lighting installation!

An image of all the different lighting options
  • Step 1 Choose the lighting you want. You can choose between several lighting types to make your room appear warmer or cooler. The recessed lighting color can also affect how the light casts around the room, so carefully consider the color within your space.
  • Step 2 – Decide where you want the lighting. Some people work with lighting designers to ensure their vision for the space will work and provide maximum lighting and minimal shadows for the room. The location of the lights is just as important as the color of the lighting.
  • Step 3 – Determine if you want to use dimmer switches with your lights or if you want one brightness setting all the time. Dimmer switches are a great way to add ambiance to a room and can be a fun feature of your recessed lighting, especially for movie nights or get-togethers with friends.

Once you’ve made all the fun decisions, it’s time to get in touch with us to do the hard work of recessed lighting installation.

What Happens During Recessed Lighting Installation?

Typically, there is an initial visit to evaluate your home and make a plan, then a second visit to begin work. Before the installation, your electrician will need access to your breaker to shut off the electricity. Once the workspace is all cleared of clutter, the electrician will work with you to identify where they will install the recessed lights and how they will do so safely. Then, they will start working.

During the recessed lighting installation process, your electrician will cut holes in the ceiling and begin to string the lights up with new wiring. Some projects require extra holes for adequate room to wire the new lighting. In that case, the electrician may leave those holes for you to have patched up by a contractor.

Depending on how many lights you want to be installed throughout your home, your project may take a few hours to a few days. You can discuss project timelines and estimates when you get in touch with our professionals.

Problems that might come up during installation

In older homes, your electrician might find older wiring in the ceilings that need replacing. The wires were sometimes wrapped in cloth in these older homes. Over time, the fabric falls apart, and the raw wires become a fire hazard. If your electrician recommends replacing the cables, your recessed lighting installation may become a more significant project to ensure your safety.

What Are Wafer Lights?

Wafer lights, also called “canless lights,” are an LED solution to recessed lighting. A wafer light is a single unit with no separate parts or bulbs, so there are no bulbs to replace if the light goes out. Wafer LED lights need hardwiring into your electrical system like other recessed lighting types.

Can You DIY Recessed Lighting Installation?

There are plenty of DIY projects that you can do alone but wiring recessed lights are not one of them. This type of lighting requires complex, specialized electrical knowledge and extensive wiring in the ceilings. It would be best if you referred to professionals for any project that involves your home’s electrical systems.

Upgrade Your Home with Recessed Lighting Today!

When you’re ready to improve the look of your home, recessed lighting installation can upgrade any space from drab to bright and welcoming. You deserve the best electrical service possible, and you can trust the professionals at RS Martin to give it to you! Our highly trained and certified electricians are prepared to bring this gorgeous lighting feature to your home. Get in touch with us today to start your recessed lighting project!