A Whole House Surge Protector: 5 Benefits You’ll Want to Consider

Imagine you’re sitting in your living room, enjoying a movie on the couch, when your lights flicker. Suddenly, with a crack of thunder and lightning, your power goes out completely. Slowly, things start coming back to life, but your television never recovers, and several other appliances didn’t make it through the power surge. But what could have helped prevent this from happening? A whole house surge protector!

A power surge is a significant increase in electrical current in your home’s power line caused by various factors like lightning strikes, power outages, or large appliances turning on and off. The excess voltage from a power surge can damage sensitive electronics in your home, such as air conditioners and appliances. A whole house surge protector offers excellent protection from power surges by diverting the excess power back through the ground wire, preventing it from reaching your devices.

While these devices cannot protect against direct lightning strikes, they form an essential part of a comprehensive approach to home surge protection, which should also include proper grounding and regular maintenance. Despite the varying costs depending on the model and features, many homeowners consider them a worthwhile investment for the protection they offer to all sensitive electronics in the home. Here are some top reasons you might want to consider installing a whole house surge protector if you do not already have one!

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