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About RS Martin, a Licensed Electrical Contractor Near You in Lancaster

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Electrical problems are not only frustrating, but they can be dangerous. Trying to fix them yourself is not an option, and searching for electrical contractors near Lancaster, PA, may bring up overwhelming results. We can help.

Family-owned and -operated in Lancaster County, PA for over 30 years, RS Martin brings you a wealth of experience and knowledge to meet all your electrical needs. As you search for electrical contractors near me, you can rest assured that the energetic, efficient work ethic we founded this company on continues today. Our licensed electricians deliver integrity and skill to every project, every time.

Our license in Pennsylvania, #PA120422, allows us to work anywhere in the state. We are also fully insured to add to your peace of mind.

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Who is RS Martin Electric?

In 1967, RS Martin dispatched its first electricians in Lancaster County, PA. Throughout the decades that followed, every one of our licensed electricians has understood how important it is that our customers not only have reliable electric service but that they feel safe and comfortable as well.

Varner Systems purchased RS Martin in 2015, and we are now a subsidiary of that company. This purchase expanded the team, meaning there were no limits on the electrical services we could provide—residential, commercial, industrial, and controls and automation.

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Our Core Values and What They Mean for You

When you search for electrical contractors near me, you expect to find licensed electricians that are skilled and who conduct work with safety in mind. At RS Martin, we know all of that's important. We also know there's so much more involved with exceeding your expectations. That's why we've published our top five core values, so you can understand what to expect when you book an estimate or project with our electrical contracting service.

Put all of those values together, and you get master electricians who work safely, solve electrical problems, perform installation services, and treat every electrical project as if it were their own.

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Electrical Services Offered in Lancaster County, PA

RS Martin offers a full range of electrical services for a wide variety of applications.

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Commercial Electric

Commercial electricians complete routine electrical jobs like electrical repairs and equipment and wiring installation. These licensed electricians install service and solve electrical issues in restaurants, commercial offices, high rises, shopping malls, and other similar buildings. Their training allows them to handle lower voltages, but some are prepared to work with the higher voltages that are more common in industrial electric work.

  • New-Construction Wiring
  • Common Electrical Repairs
  • Transformer Installation
  • Receptacle Wiring
  • Power Distribution
  • Breaker Panel Wiring
  • Generator Connection
  • Heating and Lighting

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industrial electrician working to install electrical service or solve electrical problems in an industrial setting

Industrial Electric

Industrial electricians deal with high voltages while working on expensive equipment that requires extensive training and accuracy. These electricians work in manufacturing and production facilities—and the industrial electricians at RS Martin operate with the utmost safety and precision in mind.

  • Industry-Specific Wiring
  • Complex Electrical Systems
  • Controls and Electronics
  • Machinery Inspection
  • Power Conductors
  • Proper Grounding
  • Electrical System Maintenance

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electrical contractor near Lancaster, PA conducting wiring installation in a home for residential electrical service

Residential Electric

A residential electrician will be needed when building a new home, remodeling, adding on, or making repairs to the electric system in your house or apartment complex. Safety is a foremost concern, and our licensed electricians will treat your home as if it's their own.

  • Complete Home Wiring
  • Lighting
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Pool and Hot-Tub Wiring
  • Solar Panel Circuits
  • Attic and Ceiling Fans
  • Generators

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Find Out for Yourself What RS Martin is All About

We believe you'll sense from your very first contact with our electrical contracting service that we put our customers' needs first. Every licensed electrician at RS Martin is not only fully trained, but they are also trustworthy, skilled, and will deliver top-notch customer service with a smile.

Your search for electrical contractors near me ends here. Contact us for a FREE estimate today.

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