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Electricity touches every part of your life, from the phone charger powering up your device to the microwave you use to heat breakfast when you've had a late start to the morning. But despite how often you use it daily, electricity is powerful and can be extremely dangerous if not treated with care. If you need electrical safety devices installed in your home, you want the professional residential electricians at RS Martin to help!

You can trust that RS Martin has certified electricians trained to install electrical safety devices in your home. We will work to get your home's electrical systems and devices as safe as possible with our outstanding service. Get started today with a free estimate!

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What Can We Install for You?

Electrical safety devices for the home range from small to large and have different functions to keep your electrical systems running smoothly. If you want to keep your electrical systems in your home safe, you need regular electrical inspections, and you must keep your wiring updated. However, there are also some features you can add to your home to keep the systems running smoothly and prevent emergencies from ever happening.

Not only do we install electrical safety features to protect your home from electrical fires, but we can help you install features that upgrade your security and safety. These features include security systems and hardwired cameras for the outdoor perimeter of your home. If you're hoping to install safety features to protect your home from break-ins, that's another aspect of residential electrical work we can address!

Security systems, hardwired smoke alarms, new circuit breakers, and other electrical safety devices require expert attention for proper installation. Get the electrical service you deserve from the experts at RS Martin.

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Fuses are a safety device because they will cut off current if too much flows through a circuit. A small metal strip inside the fuse melts when too much electrical current tries to pass through, abruptly cutting off the current's path. A fuse needs replacement after it has blown. While some people feel comfortable replacing fuses themselves, it is a job that you should leave to the professionals. Fuses need to be in the proper amperage to work correctly. When you call RS Martin after a fuse has blown, we will replace it and identify if any underlying issues caused the fuse to blow.

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Ground fault circuit breakers are a more sophisticated safety feature in home electrical systems. They can detect even minor electrical current differences and shut the circuits down rapidly to help prevent electrical fires or other issues from happening to your electrical systems. Most homes already have circuit breakers for their safety. When a circuit breaker trips, they need to be reset. Having a professional come to reset your circuit breaker can give you more insight into what happened to cause the trip in the first place.

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Surge protectors are devices that prevent your appliances from becoming victims of sudden spikes in electrical currents. These spikes can come from using too many appliances at once, the power coming back after an outage, or any other reasons related to your electrical system. Surge protectors in your home can help keep your appliances, especially sophisticated ones, from burning out or becoming damaged in an electrical surge. You will need a licensed electrician to professionally install a whole home surge protector system in your house. Do not attempt this as a DIY project.

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Regular circuit breakers detect issues in the electrical current when it exceeds the maximum rated value. Still, AFCI protection devices are unique because they can identify changes that occur within the maximum rated value limits. An electric arc fault or an electric arc flash happens when current flows through an air gap in the conductors, which may occur if the conductor has corrosion or some other foreign material on it. Even dust can trigger this. The AFCI can measure that gap in the current and trip, preventing an electrical emergency.

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Kids love to explore, and often they stick their hands and fingers into places they don't belong, including electrical outlets. Prevent your child from experiencing shock with tamper-proof receptacles or childproof outlets installed throughout your home. These outlets prevent electric currents from passing through the outlet unless all slots activate simultaneously. So, if your child sticks a fork or piece of metal into an outlet, they are safe from electric shock because all parts of the outlet must be filled for the outlet's electrical current to activate.

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Some people have battery-powered smoke detectors or alarms, while others opt for a hardwired system to keep them from needing to replace batteries. These safety devices are often a sleeping family's first alert that there's a fire and can save your life in case of any fire. If you want a hardwired smoke detector system for your home, it is best to trust the professionals with your systems. At RS Martin, we can come to your home and ensure we install smoke detectors throughout that will alert you to potential fires.

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Our Other Residential Electrical Services

Residential electrical work is different from commercial or industrial, so choosing an electrician with the experience, licenses, and certifications for residential electrical work is essential. No job is too small for us, so never attempt to do electrical work in your home yourself. Trust the experts.

  • Wiring Installation

  • Repairs and Maintenance

  • Lighting Upgrades

  • Home Electrical Inspections

  • Smart Devices

  • Residential Low Voltage

  • Ceiling and Attic Fans

  • Solar Electric

  • Generator Installation

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  • Data Comm

Do You Have an Emergency? We Offer 24 Hour Emergency Services

No matter where you are, an electrical emergency is scary. If something comes up, even if it seems small, give us a call and don't put yourself at risk. Don't ever try to fix an electrical problem yourself—we will take care of any issues you might have, from an outlet that seems hot to the touch to a malfunctioning fuse and everything in between.

No appointment is necessary when there's an actual emergency. Get in touch with us at 1(717) 656-4300, anytime day or night, and we will dispatch one of our highly trained electrical professionals to help you. You can expect prompt, top-quality work when you call us for any service, emergency action included.

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Leave the Electrical Safety Devices Installation to the Experts: RS Martin

Whether you need new smoke detectors, want to childproof your home's outlets, or need a new security system installed, let the electrical experts at RS Martin help. Our experienced residential electricians are committed to establishing the best electrical safety devices to keep your home safe and secure.

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